Hello beautiful soul! Thrilled to have you here. 

I’m Ximena, a self-made Latina businesswoman who arrived in Canada as a refugee with nothing but a burning desire to become a better version of myself, and who years later, built the too-good-to-be-true life I manifested. I stopped forcing and started flowing.


Can’t wait to get to know you and help you bridge the gap between a living a life you’re OK with and building a life you’re OBSESSED with.

Where I am now

Today I’m a Mindset & Purpose Coach, Numerologist, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP), and founder of Mena Cardenas. I’ve coached hundreds of high achievers like you to connect deeper to their soul’s purpose through Numerology, Coaching and NLP techniques.


Where I was before

Limiting Stories About Money

Growing up I believed money was the root of all problems, and as the child of divorced parents, money was the reason for countless arguments. My dad was a wealthy man who mismanaged his money and went bankrupt early on – leaving us with nothing (after having so much). Since I was terrified to repeat my childhood experience, I overworked myself to burnout and developed a toxic relationship with money.

Having It “All” and Feeling Unfulfilled

I reached a point in my life where I had it “all”: a good job at one of Canada’s largest banks, I had investments and zero debt, I was engaged, I shifted careers and pursued my passion for Nutrition, I had lost weight and was super fit. On paper, I had a “perfect” life. Yet, I felt empty and unfulfilled while others perceived my life as “successful”.



How I Got Here


Redefining Success

It wasn’t until I redefined my own definition of success and reconnected with my purpose, that I launched my business and started doing purposeful work I love – without feeling guilty, greedy, or salesy.



Often that feeling of emptiness pops up when you’re not aligned with your purpose. That’s when Numerology came into my life and provided me the clarity I was looking for.

If you’re ready to release the self-limiting stories that keep you playing small, get to know yourself better and unleash your full potential, I’d be honored to guide you into your next level of purpose-led success.


Through our work together you’ll learn how to bridge the gap between living a life you’re OK with and building a life you’re OBSESSED with.


When you decide to live a purpose-driven life, freeing yourself from limiting beliefs that hold you back, you automatically show up as your most authentic self. And when you do, you start attracting the right people and the right opportunities.

My Expertise

I’m a Mindset & Purpose Coach, Numerologist and Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP) who coaches high achievers like you to deepen their connection to their soul’s purpose and achieve their next level of success.


My Approach

Honesty and integrity drive my work. And besides the certifications, my story and struggle – I wholeheartedly believe my energy attracts the right people.


My Method

I use Numerology to understand who you are at the core and help you connect at a deeper level with your:

  • Unique life purpose
  • Innate gifts and talents
  • Personal challenges blocking your unlimited flow of abundance

 Once you get to know yourself better and understand what’s been feeling “off”, we can:

  • Identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Work to release them 
  • Re-write your story to unlock your next level of success


Your Results

Success starts in your mind. I transformed my life and built a purpose-led business using Numerology and NLP, and have witnessed hundreds of people change their lives by shifting their mindsets and owning their inner strength.