How To Calculate Your Personal Year Cycle

numerology Jan 31, 2023

Your personal year cycle is like your inner season. Each cycle serves a purpose and it's great for understanding your own energy for the season ahead, patterns and for seeing how cyclical we all are.

Nature is a great example of how seasons change, and how there's a time and a place for everything. There are months that are better for planting a seed and there are months that are better for harvesting. Like Lao Tzu said “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Just like nature, you and I have cycles and you can find out what these are through Numerology.

Following these natural cycles will restore your own life to its natural rhythm, and help you make peace with your present emotions.

Every universal year has its own energy that we experience as a collective but your personal year is focused on your own energy. Each number represents a theme that will play out during that year.

Within each year cycle, there are also month cycles. There are 9 years within each cycle and 108 monthly cycles within those years.

To calculate your personal year cycle, you need the following 3 things:

  1. Day of birth
  2. Month of birth
  3. Universal year of your last birthday


For example, Let's say today is January 31, 2023 but your birthday is on November 10th. This means that the universal year is 2022 because that's the year of your last birthday.

Next, we reduce the numbers to a single digit (unless you have a master number in your birthday which is 11 and 22. In that case, you don't need to reduce those numbers).


Let's say your birthday is November 10th.

  1. Day of birth: 10 = 1+0 = 1
  2. Month: 11 = 11
  3. Universal year: 2022 = 2+0+2+2 = 6

Next, add up the numbers after reducing the day, month and universal year.

Personal Year = 1+11+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

In this case, your personal year is #9

If your birthday already passed in 2023, use the universal year #7 (2+0+2+3 = 7).


Here's what to expect on your personal year:


Personal Year #1: new beginnings (masculine energy)

 Keywords: leadership, independence, imagination, unconventional, self-love. 

This energy gives you the drive to be #1. You can feel a little extra ambitious and driven, and you're being called to master the relationship with yourself, work on your self-love and self-worth.

This can be a great year to start something new, take action and step into your CEO role. You are the CEO of your own life and here to make decisions based on trust in yourself.

Know that self-doubt can be your biggest obstacle this year.

Shadow: Self-doubt, ego, low self-esteem.


Personal Year #2: The Diplomatic (feminine energy)

Keywords: peacemaking, balance, partnership, love, cooperation, team player.

The #2 energy typically doesn't crave the need to be the center of attention and is here to master relationships, cooperation, and lift others up!

This is a good year to work on your relationships (of any kind), and prioritize balance and harmony in your life. Where do you need better balance? Are you giving too much to certain areas of your life and forgetting about other areas?

Shadow: lack of opinion (to avoid conflict) which ignites an inner battle within yourself which can lead you to feeling like you don’t have a voice. Codependency and victim mentality.


Personal Year #3: The Communicator

Keywords: creativity, communication, heart-centered, enthusiastic, self-expression, motivational.

This year is calling you to tap into your self-expression through communication or creativity. This is a year to learn how to effectively express yourself through all forms of communication, but especially communication from the heart.

Shadow: people pleasing, waiting on other people’s approval, and lack of communication (not using your voice or creative talents).


Personal Year #4: The Builder

Number 4 is here to create systems that make a positive impact not just for yourself but society as a whole.

This is also a good year to build a solid structure and foundation in your life. If there's an area of your life that has a shaky foundation, it's time to rebuild it. Be intentional with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions because your reality is built on those.

This is a good year to get your hands dirty, work on your dreams, goals and plan but be mindful of this energy because it can lead you to overwork, being too rigid or close minded.

Shadow: Too rigid, hard on yourself, close-minded, fearful, and wants to control all the outcomes.


Personal Year #5: Freedom Seeker

Keywords: travel, freedom, flow, movement, adaptable

Number 5 represents the free spirit and this year you're being called to master the art of adaptability, resilience, and learn to enjoy life’s pleasures (while inspiring others to do the same).

This energy can push you to be the rule breaker or to challenge how things are always done. You're a trailblazer under this energy! It's a great year to travel, enjoy life to the fullest, flow and embrace change. 

Shadow: escapism, avoidance, fears change and uses external pleasures to avoid connecting with emotions.


Personal year #6: The Nurturer

Keywords: nurturing, responsible, motherly, family, home life, commitment, and protective.

The 6 represents the nurturer, It is the most love-centered energy. Its incredible capacity to love and give is showcased through its closest friendships, relationships, and sometimes through work.

This is a good year to focus on healing, nurture yourself from the inside out, prioritize your health and well-being. It can be the year where you see changes in your closest relationships.

Shadow: perfectionism, unreasonable high standards you place on yourself (and sometimes others), and lack of compassion towards yourself.


Personal year #7: The Analytical Mystic or Seeker

Keywords: seeking, philosophy, spiritual, analytical, research, and knowledge.

There is a lot of spiritual energy surrounding you this year, so you need a strong spiritual base.

Your purpose this year is to tap into your inner wisdom, intuition, connect with your own spirituality and share your knowledge with the world. This is also a great year to study, learn something new and spend time in deep introspections; however, be mindful of the solitude that can come with this energy. 

Shadow: feeling not enough or that you aren't "ready" and need more information. You can also struggle with lack of faith, self-doubt and perfectionism.


Personal year #8: Abundance. The CEO

This energy has an incredible ability to master the material world. This year, you have the ability to go after what you want with great drive and ambition. 

The 8 is a powerful number and can also challenge you when it comes to financial matters and security. Be mindful of your thoughts as you're under a powerful  Venergy.

This is a year to take aligned action towards your manifestations, work on your relationship with money and success.

Shadow: getting caught up in the material world, unhealthy relationship with money, food, your body, success, and power. Your challenge is to learn to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material world.


Personal Year #9: Endings.

Keywords: death/rebirth, giving, endings

This is your year to develop compassion and love for all of humankind (starting with yourself). This is your year to work on your relationship with giving and receiving, break cycles, generational trauma and end unhealthy patterns.

This is the time to harvest the seeds you planted in year 1.

Shadow: your own ego, lack of boundaries, always prioritizing others.


Personal Year #11: The Idealistic & Intuitive

Keywords: spiritual leader, old soul, teacher, healer.

This number also embodies #1 and #2, so be sure to read those numbers as they serve as a foundation.

The 11 is highly intuitive and has access to ancient wisdom. This is a year of spiritual awakenings and a time to shine and speak your truth. Your job is to connect with your own gifts and intuition.

Shadow: you can easily get in your own way, self-sabotage, struggle with self-doubt and go through an inner battle between your rational mind and intuition. 


Personal Year #22: The Master Builder

Keywords: architect, intuitive, methodical, analytical and able to manifest your desires.

This number also embodies #2 and #4, so be sure to read those numbers as they serve as a foundation. 

This is your master year to build a movement and manifest your desires as it's considered "the builder" year. You're destined to become an expert at what you do. It's important for you to build a healthy sense of self, self-esteem and tame your ego. 

Shadow: fear, being very rigid, hard on yourself, close minded, self-doubt, codependency and victim mentality


If you'd like to learn more about your personal year, personal month and how to manifest abundance using your numbers, the power of the new moon and neuroplasticity, check-out my membership Aligned & Abundant


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