A community for impact-driven go-getters, cycle breakers and change makers who're on a mission to make impact and income through their work.

Welcome to your sacred online space to grow, feel supported and held by impact-driven humans who are on a similar journey as you.

Using the power of Numerology, the new moon & manifestation, you'll be able to connect deeper with your purpose, soul's wisdom and manifest a wildly abundant life from the inside out!

I'm Ready!


“You cannot change the people around you. But you can change the people that you choose to be around.” Anonymous


Being an impact-driven soul can come with a whole set of challenges...


The never-ending to-manifest list, lack of clarity, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, scarcity mindset, feeling isolated, and not good enough.

Not to mention that most of the time, it's easy to forget about the most important person in all of this...YOU!

You talk to friends and family and no one else seems to "get it" (sometimes you wonder if something is wrong with you because you can't stick to the traditional path to "success").

But the reality is that you aren't alone in this journey, and your whole energy shifts when you surround yourself with like-minded souls who GET IT.

Trust me! I get it.


Your mind is constantly racing, daydreaming about the dozen of unbelievable life goals you want to achieve: the countries you want to visit, the business you want to grow, the book you want to write, the podcast you want to launch – all the life-changing experiences you dream of...

But it's overwhelming.

And once you're hit with real life, it's easier to choose what you've been doing over and over...

It's easier to talk yourself out of your ideas and listen to your inner "impostora"

That voice that says you can't do the things you want to do.

 So you give up before you started... 

You question your skills, your ability to make an impact and even money doing meaningful work.

However, since you’ve already started your path of personal development you know that:

  • You’re evolving

  • You’re no longer resonating with the grind and hustle culture you’ve been living in

  • Your wellness journey doesn’t end with a calm mind and a fit body, you know it extends to connecting deeper with your soul and understanding its purpose

  • You need a safe space to turn to when you're feeling stuck, to stay accountable and to share the collective struggle

  • You're constantly seeing Angel numbers like 111, 222, 333 and want to understand more about what these messages mean

This membership is designed to help you replenish YOUR energy, connect you with powerful souls (just like yourself!), build your network in a real, genuine way, and help you manifest your goals using the power of numerology & the new moon.

This membership is designed for... 

Souls like you who are already connecting on a deeper level with themselves. Who are on their path to fulfilling their higher purpose, to decide how to live their lives, run their businesses and take ownership of their jobs. And I’m here to help you tune into your most powerful mindset. Consider this community a judgment-free, safe space to share your wildest dreams with people who speak your language and to receive their valuable support.

This is different because... 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all BS approach. Many of us have been part of larger communities where you’re just another member among hundreds of people. And honestly, it sucks. Here you’ll be seen and valued for who you are. We’ll know your name (and if you have them we’ll also know your kids’ and your pets’ names), you’ll receive personalized attention, dedicated feedback, and the full support you deserve since we’re all on a similar path and we’ve experienced the same struggles. 

You can benefit from it...

Having the right community, because statistically, it’s crucial to reaching your next level of success. According to research by social psychologist Dr. David McClelland of Harvard, “the people you habitually associate with, determine as much as 95 percent of your success or failure in life.” So if you’re hanging out with people who don’t speak your language, who think your vision is "impossible" or who settle for whatever life throws at them, you'll attract the same results.

Here's what you get:

  • Live New Moon Manifestation Sessions: Monthly 75-minute live sessions to manifest your desires using the energy of the new moon
  • Monthly numerology personal mini readings: to understand your personal month number, and how to align with this energy, so you can become a magnet for your desires
  • Monthly Videos: Expect education and inspiration to help you harness the energy of every month, so you can align with your personal month energy
  • Exclusive Manifestation Hypnosis & Guided Meditations: Psychiatrist David Spiegel writes that hypnosis is “a very powerful means of changing the way we use our minds to control perception and our bodies”. Think of it as nourishing food for your mind. By listening to these audios on a regular basis, you are able to reprogram old limiting beliefs and accelerate the manifestation process.
  • Unlimited Support & Accountability in our private group chat (priceless) – You are not only part of a community. This is another type of chosen family. Hang out in this exclusive group, network with other entrepreneurs, and access game-changing resources.
  • Guest Experts (priceless) – Through our Monthly Guest Expert Training,  Ximena will feature hand-selected guest speakers to add value to your own journey.
  • Bi-monthly networking sessions: to connect you with other change-makers, so you can be inspired, empowered and find your next soul friend, collaboration or even client.
  • Get listed in our Glow Getter directory (coming soon!): where we showcase change-makers who are making an impact.

Meet the founder

I’m Ximena, thrilled that you’re here!


You might be wondering who the hell I am to have created this membership, right?


Well, here are some bits and pieces from my story:


I’m a Mindset & Purpose Coach, a Numerologist listed by Yahoo Finance as a Top 10 Manifestation Coach to watch in 2021 and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP) – a discipline that studies the power of our subconscious mind to achieve success.

Where I came from 

Before I became a self-made businesswoman, I was a sixteen-year-old girl who arrived in Canada as a refugee from Colombia with nothing but a burning desire to become a better version of myself. And who years later stopped forcing and started flowing to build the too-good-to-be-true life I manifested.

Growing up I believed money was the root cause of all problems, and as the child of divorced parents, money was the reason for countless arguments. And my dad, who was a wealthy man, mismanaged his money, went bankrupt, and left us with nothing after having what felt like everything.


Self-doubt & limiting beliefs

Enter my limiting stories about money, and how I developed a toxic relationship with it that led me to: 

  • Overwork myself to the edge of burnout
  • Doubt my worth, my ability to “make it”, and my strengths
  • Give away my time, my talents, and my work for free in my own business
  • Worry about money 24/7
  • Feel guilty selling my services and even asking people for payment (for services I’d already delivered!) 


How I got here

It wasn't until I applied everything I’m about to share with you inside Glow Getter Collective that I was able to create a new reality, and started to manifest the reality I’m living today with:

  • Speaking engagements in my business
  • New and recurrent clients
  • Brand partnerships
  • Collaborations with soul friends and business besties
  • Money that started to flow

For the first time, my business and my life felt amazing.


Personal development journey 

And the ONE thing that changed? The belief that I was WORTHY of it all.

Now I'm here to help you step into your true power using tools from Numerology and NLP to reprogram your subconscious mind, help you release your limiting stories around money, and shift your patterns so you too can manifest the abundant life you deserve, from the inside out.

Ilana, @ilana.gherson

“Ximena is the real deal. She’s a living example of what’s possible when you get super clear on what you want. Ever since joining this community I have powerfully worked through limiting beliefs around money, feeling worthy and leveling up my identity. I can’t recommend her enough if you’re someone who’s looking for an awesome community of like-minded GOAL GETTERS and an amazing coach who has your back.”

Lesley, @glowlimitless

“I was burnt out, blocked and a little lost in my business. As soon as I connected with Ximena, I knew her community was exactly what I needed: a group of badass women who support each other. Everything I was feeling, all the struggles and doubts I had, theirs were the same, I wasn’t alone in this. Weeks into this community, I was booking new clients, launching a new program that I was stuck on for months, and getting an unexpected raise at my full time job. I’m so grateful for this group.

Get to know our Glow Getter Collective


A membership that integrates numerology, the energy of the new moon, mindset & manifestation tools to help you:

  • Deepen your personal development journey while reaching your own next level of success

  • Overcome the mental blocks, the self-sabotage, the “perfection paralysis” and that voice inside your head repeating over and over: “You can’t do this”

  • Create momentum to confidently take inspired action instead of getting stuck in a loop asking yourself: "Where do I even start?", or “What should I do next?” 

  • Activate your soul’s purpose and work with it to manifest your desires into reality


Be part of an intimate community of purpose-driven, growth-minded women where you can share your ideas, learn and grow together, and collectively manifest abundance – while empowering each other.

Jo, @loveselfwellness_

“Ximena is so passionate about helping coaches and service providers and really cares about our success PLUS you’re supported by amazing women doing amazing things. I’m so pumped to see how much momentum my business already has and will continue to grow because of the learnings and support.

Anja, @anjajunges

“I joined Ximena’s community spontaneously after discovering her content. Ximena’s personality and philosophy resonated instantly and I simply had to connect with this powerhouse. Little did I know that I would gain an entire community of Glow Getters, unique in their endeavors but like-minded in their quest to attract abundance for their life, business and clients."

Let us gift you a 14-day trial, so you can experience the benefits of joining, and:

  • Learn about Numerology to find that deeper connection with your soul's purpose

  • Improve your intuition and live a wildly passion-led and purpose-filled life

  • Create a life that's deeply aligned and devoted to who you are at a soul level

  • Connect with like-minded women who speak your same language, are all in for personal development, healing, growth and expansion, empowering each other along the way

  • Get to know your potential soul friends, business besties and aligned collab partners

  • Break free from the limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and perfectionism holding you back, and

  • Take intentional, imperfect action to reach your goals and your next level of success

An extension of your path to personal growth. A door to radical transformation and re-connection with yourself. A full breakthrough experience including Numerology, NLP Techniques, Hypnosis Sessions and Strategy for Success, so you can deepen your personal development journey, and take massive, intentional action to achieve your goals.


What you'll get:

+ Monthly Videos

+ Monthly live manifestation sessions

+ Monthly personal Numerology readings

+ Guest experts

+ Unlimited group chat support

+ Manifestation Hypnosis

+ Aligned action plan to manifest your biggest goals

+ Support to clear out what has been keeping you stuck and start living and abundant life from the inside out




Here's what you get:

  • Live New Moon Manifestation Sessions
  • Monthly numerology personal mini readings
  • Monthly Videos
  • Exclusive Manifestation Hypnosis & Guided Meditations
  • Unlimited Support & Accountability 
  • Guest Experts 
  • Bi-monthly networking sessions
  • Get listed in our Glow Getter directory (coming soon!)
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3-month plan

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Here's what you get:

  • Live New Moon Manifestation Sessions
  • Monthly numerology personal mini readings
  • Monthly Videos
  • Exclusive Manifestation Hypnosis & Guided Meditations
  • Unlimited Support & Accountability 
  • Guest Experts 
  • Bi-monthly networking sessions
  • Get listed in our Glow Getter directory (coming soon!)
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