Redefine Wealth.

Because I'm obsessed with helping you break free from the stories that limit your own expansion, I help you connect with your own soul's purpose, heal your relationship with money and unapologetically live your own #RichLife

If you’re looking to connect with your innate gifts and talents, gain clarity around your career or business path, and put all the pieces of your life puzzle together: welcome home Go-Getter, you're off to a great start!

“Reinvent yourself over and over and over and over and over until you find home. There is no timeline for the soul.”― Malebo Sephodi


Redefine Wealth:

"Success" is Always Relative

I work with a lot of high achievers, cycle breakers, and purpose driven souls who want it all (a career that fulfils them, money, healthy relationships, health and to make an impact).

If you're here, I'm guessing that's you!

You’re probably “successful” in a way that, according to society's standards, should make you feel as happy as a kid going to Disney for the first time. 

Spoiler alert: Not every kid dreams of going to Disney (and that’s perfectly fine).

But regardless of everything you've accomplished, sometimes you feel like something is *off*

Your current level of external success feels good enough but is not fully aligned with who you know you’re meant to be.

As you continue to grow and evolve, you start to question a lot of things about your life and career...

But it's not always easy to answer those questions. 

What you do know: you want to live a juicy life, do work that fires up your soul, and make an impact (even in a small way).

The old way of doing things is no longer a guarantee for success or happiness. It is essential to have a solid sense of yourself through your own inner knowing in order to experience purpose and fulfillment.

Hi! I'm Ximena Cardenas

(And in case you were wondering, Ximena is pronounced: hee·meh·nuh.)

I’m a Numerologist and Certified Master Life & Success Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP) who helps go-getters, and changemakers (like yourself) connect deeper with their soul’s purpose and inner wealth through the power of self-discovery.

When you know yourself, you're able to confidently go after what you want, set boundaries, prioritize your well-being and make money doing work that lights up your soul!

To love yourself, you have to know yourself.

I’m not the guru or the “expert” - YOU ARE!

And I’m here to guide you back to your inner wisdom and soul's purpose through Numerology & Mindset tools to help you shift the limiting stories you tell yourself, so you can reach that "next level" of success - whatever that means to you.


Where I Am Now

Today, I serve others by running a thriving business aligned with my purpose. And I reconnected with it in great part thanks to the self-discovery I experienced through Numerology & Manifestation.

Where I came from 

I’m a proud Latina and passionate Colombiana who had to leave my country at sixteen due to a hostile environment and terrorist attacks against my family. I arrived in Canada as a refugee with no money, without speaking the language and with my own blocks and limitations around money.


How I Got Here

My transformation began when I redefined my own definition of success. Only when I realized wealth starts from the inside out, I built the too-good-to-be-true kind of life I manifested.

And you have *everything* you need to manifest and to build your own.


Aligned & Abundant:

 FREE Masterclass. 

Discover if money, success and manifestation are one of your personal challenges (a.k.a Karmas in Numerology), and what to do about it.


Learn how to use the power of Numerology & the Neuroscience behind the Law of Attraction and manifestation to unlock your own "Wealth code", and manifest a wildly successful life from the inside out!

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Here’s How I Can Help

When we work together, you enter a judgment-free zone guided by someone who not only has struggled with the same self-doubt, limiting stories and people-pleasing as you, but who also takes your life goals and soul’s desires as seriously as her own. 

 Choose your favorite adventure:

Numerology Reading 1:1 Sessions

Numerology is like your cosmic DNA or your personal roadmap to your own success.

It helps you understand yourself at a deeper level, your patterns, life purpose, challenges (karmas), and careers that are in alignment with your purpose, so you can make empowered decisions, and understand what can get in your way from manifesting your desires. 

You can use this information for your personal, business or professional growth.

Ready to learn how Numerology can bring you more clarity and help you put the pieces of the puzzle together?



A membership for entrepreneurs or those who want to start their own entrepreneurial journey.

This is your sacred online space to grow, feel supported and held by growth-minded humans who are on a similar journey as you.



On-Demand Masterclasses.


Each Masterclass is designed to help you manifest a #RichLife & business using the power of Numerology. 

Learn how to harness the energy of your life path, destiny number and so much more to tap into your own inner wealth.


Corporate Workshops

If you’re an HR partner or a team leader and are looking to lift your team’s spirit with a boost of self-confidence and motivation: let’s talk!

I’ll empower your employees with self-discovery tools, so they can feel empowered from the inside out.

Empowered employees lead to maximum results.


Jo Lean, @loveselfwellness_

“I absolutely LOVED my numerology session with Ximena.

As a Wellness Entrepreneur and one that is multi-skilled and passionate I have a lot of different offerings and sometimes can feel confusing.

This numerology reading really helped me focus on what my offerings are and also confirmation that I am living my soul's purpose not just with my business but in life.

It also helped me become very aware of the shadow and challenges I have faced which helps as I continue my journey and live in alignment.

I felt really great after the session, it answered a lot of questions around my business and again felt confident on my path.

Ximena goes through your chart and also offers coaching and guidance around how you can best use your talents in life, personal development, career and how to tap into abundance in all forms. I would highly recommend her reading for anyone that wants clarity, focus and confirmation about your soul's purpose (in life and in work.)”

Anja, @anjajunges

"I joined Ximena's membership super spontaneously after discovering some of her content - Ximena's personality and philosophy resonated instantly and I simply had to connect with this powerhouse. Little did I know that I would get an entire community of women, unique in their endeavors but like-minded in their quest to attract abundance. This is a daily source of support, inspiration and fellowship I wouldn't want to miss. We truly grow together!"

Kaleena, @glowlimitless

"If you are struggling with your relationship with money or living in a "I gotta work more to earn more" mindset... you need to give Ximena's course a try. I'm a freelance copywriter who struggled for a YEARS because I worked hard and upskilled and yet I was holding myself in an "energetic bubble" which never allowed me to actually earn more as I gained more experience. I was constantly hustling to chase money but never reaching it, like a carrot in front of a donkey. In the past 8 weeks, I believe I learned to look at money in a healthy way and, because of that, I'm finally eating that damn carrot."

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