There are four ways we can work together. 


We can work one-on-one via your Numerology reading and private coaching, you can join one of my group programs or memberships, and you can even host me as a speaker at your company.


Keep reading to get all the juicy details!

Numerology Reading 1:1 Sessions


If you find yourself constantly asking:

  • Am I living in alignment with my purpose? What is my purpose after all?

  • Am I on the right path?

  • Am I doing purposeful work? How can I make money in alignment with my purpose? 

  • Is my business or my career aligned with my purpose?


Then this might just be the life-changing clarity you’ve been secretly manifesting. Numerology is the study of the unique numbers in your life and can be used as a self-discovery tool to connect you to your soul's purpose at a deeper level, to understand hidden facets of your personality, your innate talents and secret gifts, and most importantly: those blocks that are holding you back from living abundantly from the inside out.


Are you ready to unlock your full potential by getting clarity about who you are and aligning with your soul's purpose? Then book your session and let’s put the pieces of the puzzle together.

OMG BOOKING IN 3...2...1

Membership: Glow Getter Collective

If you’re on your personal development journey, breaking old patterns and limiting beliefs, shifting paradigms and re-writing your own story: this is the space for you. 


For collective support from like-minded women who speak the same language as you, who are looking to become their most authentic selves and achieve their own versions of success from a place of wellness (vs. hustle), then the Glow Getter Collective is the way to go.


Join our online community for growth-minded, purpose-driven women lifting each other up because they want to see you and help you succeed. These women are here to make an impact and to realign with their soul's purpose at a deeper level through the wisdom of Numerology & the power of Manifestation. 


On Demand: Aligned Business

If you’re a spiritually curious entrepreneur looking for clarity, and want to align your business with your purpose, this is for you!

In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to use your Life Path and Destiny Number as guides to help you build an aligned business and manifest your dream clients.

You can use this information in your website copy, services and SO much more! If you've been looking for clarity in your business, THIS IS IT!


Speaking Events

If you’re an HR partner or a team leader and are looking to gift your team members a boost of self-confidence and inspiration: let’s talk!


I’ll empower your employees with tools and knowledge around goal setting, self-confidence and the impact powerful & positive self-talk can have on their overall performance and productivity. They’ll learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions and overall well-being to live a more fulfilled, joyful life in alignment with their purpose.


These are some of my most popular topics:

  • Four steps to grow your money mindset

  • How to cultivate happiness through mindfulness and gratitude

  • Lead and live with courage by transforming fear & self-doubt

  • Goal setting to radically improve your mental health

  • Strengthen your well-being through Numerology


I’m looking forward to connecting with you to understand your specific needs and craft a personalized talk that speaks directly to your teams’ experiences.


Online Program: Money with Purpose

This is a transformational eight-week, high-touchpoint group program for high achieving women who want to heal their relationship with money, manifest beautiful wealth and make money living their purpose.


It’s also for you if you want to:

  • Make a positive impact in the world doing purposeful work that you’re passionate about

  • Manifest money without working non-stop

  • Stop undercharging and giving unsolicited discounts out of fear no one will buy from you

  • Identify and release self-limiting beliefs around money, and

  • Own your extraordinary ability to create wealth


If reading these warmed your heart and lit a spark in your soul, dive right in.


Jo, @loveselfwellness

“I absolutely LOVED my numerology session with Ximena. As a Wellness Entrepreneur and one that is multi-skilled and passionate I have a lot of different offerings and sometimes can feel confusing. This numerology reading really helped me focus on what my offerings are and also confirmation that I am living my soul's purpose not just with my business but in life. It also helped me become very aware of the shadow and challenges I have faced which helps as I continue my journey and live in alignment. I felt really great after the session, it answered a lot of questions around my business and again felt confident on my path. Ximena goes through your chart and also offers coaching and guidance around how you can best use your talents in life, personal development, career and how to tap into abundance in all forms. I would highly recommend her reading for anyone that wants clarity, focus and confirmation about your soul's purpose (in life and in work.)”

Anja, @anjajunges

"I joined Ximena's membership super spontaneously after discovering some of her content - Ximena's personality and philosophy resonated instantly and I simply had to connect with this powerhouse. Little did I know that I would get an entire community of women, unique in their endeavors but like-minded in their quest to attract abundance. This is a daily source of support, inspiration and fellowship I wouldn't want to miss. We truly grow together!"

Kaleena, @glowlimitless

"If you are struggling with your relationship with money or living in a "I gotta work more to earn more" mindset... you need to give Ximena's course a try. I'm a freelance copywriter who struggled for a YEARS because I worked hard and upskilled and yet I was holding myself in an "energetic bubble" which never allowed me to actually earn more as I gained more experience. I was constantly hustling to chase money but never reaching it, like a carrot in front of a donkey. In the past 8 weeks, I believe I learned to look at money in a healthy way and, because of that, I'm finally eating that damn carrot."

You’ve read through everything and would love to book a call and deep dive on one or more of my services?


Fabulous. Can’t wait to hear from you!