You've accomplished a lot of things in your life (I mean, you're a Go-Getter after all) 


But as you continue to grow and evolve, you start to question a lot of things about your life, relationships, career or business...


 Here are some thoughts:

  • You're up at night wondering if you're on "the right path"

  • You're going through some sort of transition and are craving answers and clarity

  • You know you're here for a purpose but don't know what that is

  • You want to have it ALL (healthy relationships, make money doing work that lights up your soul, a healthy mind & body) but sometimes you get in your own way!

If that's the case, keep reading!


It's Time To Come Home...

 Sometimes, without realizing it, you’re living according to someone else’s definition of success which can be causing you to feel disconnected.


If you:

  • Are going through some sort of transition and are looking for answers & clarity

  • Want to do work that feeds your soul and your bank account

  • Have a deep desire to do something new, but you keep getting in your own way

  • Want to understand yourself, your innate  talents and what makes you STAND-OUT

  • Are looking to manifest a "too good to be true" kind of life


It’s time to take your personal development journey up a notch with Numerology.

You can travel to all the wellness retreats, improve your sleeping habits, and nail your stress-managing techniques to get you feeling balanced and centered again.


But if you don’t take the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, to get to know who you really are and to understand your soul’s purpose at a deeper level, then you’re perpetuating the feeling of unfulfillment. Still unable to pinpoint what’s “off”. 


You might feel like you’re drowning in a glass of water, but I promise your head is still above the water. The first step is opening your mind to the idea of going deep and understanding what you’re meant to do in life by turning to self-discovery tools that will allow you to reconnect with yourself.


Imagine living in alignment from the inside out and reaching the point in your life where you:


  • GAIN full clarity on who you are, on your purpose and understand the deeper meaning to your life

  • DARE to take imperfect action and fulfill your desires

  • LEARN about your blocks and how to break them to live abundantly from the inside out

  • FIND your most authentic self and start showing up as her in every aspect of your life


Now imagine this clarity gets you back on track and you’re:


  • Finding the missing piece of the puzzle (finally!)

  • Getting your successful business up and running

  • Growing your network and developing game-changing connections

  • Healing mentally, financially, and emotionally

  • Enjoying financial freedom following your own version of success and wealth

  •   Ditching the excuses and traveling to the places you’ve had on your bucket list for years

  • Finishing the project you’ve been working on and off and actually launching it


Close your eyes, picture yourself in this life for a moment and let it all sink in. You’re feeling like the CEO of your world, right? Just remember you have the power to build this reality for yourself.


Self-awareness gives you the superpower to better manage your emotions and your reactions – especially when it comes to change – increasing your potential to live a more fulfilled life, aligned with your purpose and your own version of success.  


Numerology allowed me to connect the dots in my career and my business.


Knowing my life path, stage number and destiny number, gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to step into my own soul’s purpose as a Coach, helped me to overcome self-doubt and gave me (and my overthinking mind) the confidence that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.


I review my own numbers constantly and I remind myself of their meaning to empower the woman I am and the woman I am becoming.  It has helped me to understand and accept myself fully.


Numerology is not designed to predict the future or to give you all the answers because they’re already within you. What makes the difference is understanding your own Numerology report, which can unlock the answers for you. This knowledge helps you leverage your unique strengths, skills and gifts.

About Mena Cardenas.

Hello beautiful soul!

I’m Ximena, Master Life & Success Coach, Numerologist, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP)and founder of Mena Cardenas. I’ve coached hundreds of changemakers like you into rediscovering themselves and their purpose through Numerology, Coaching and NLP techniques. And I’m on a mission to demystify Numerology by:


  • Making it more accessible and less “woo-woo”

  • Explaining how you can integrate it into your everyday life to make better, more informed decisions

  • Providing you with the necessary tools to help you bridge the gap between living a life you’re OK with and building a life you’re OBSESSED with

Like you...

I reached a point in my life where I had it "all": a good job, I had investments and zero debt. I was engaged, I shifted careers, I had lost weight, and was the fittest I'd ever been. On paper, I had a "perfect" life. But I still felt like something was "off".


And it wasn’t until...

I redefined my own definition of success and reconnected with my purpose, that I launched my business and started doing purposeful work I love. I stopped forcing and started flowing.

That’s when Numerology came into my life...

It provided me the clarity I was looking for. It allowed me to rediscover myself and understand my purpose on a deeper level. It opened my mind to spirituality and to a life of limitless possibilities.

 If you're:

  • Ready to step into alignment with your purpose so you can create a wildly fulfilled life

  • Living a life that looks good on the outside but for some reason, something still feels “off”

  • Eager to live an abundant life, yet you struggle to manifest money or aligned opportunities

  • Looking to know yourself at a deeper level, so you can leverage your innate gifts and talents, and understand what challenges you're here to overcome


I hear you!

And by shifting your mindset and getting clarity on who you really are, you too can transform your life and become a magnet for everything your heart desires.

If you’re ready to reconnect with your purpose at a deeper level and unlock your full potential, I’d be honored to be your guide.

Here's What You Can Expect:


In your personalised Numerology reading, you'll discover your life path number, soul number, karmas, dharmas and so much more to reveal:

  • Why apparent coincidences are often fate.
  • Hidden facets of your personality, opportunities, innate talents, and secret gifts hidden in your numerology chart (and how to use them to manifest what you truly want!).
  • Your deepest soul's desires and what you can do to gain deeper self-awareness and greater confidence.
  • How you can make an easy and effortless switch to an abundance mindset.
  • The careers that can support your life path.


There are two types of charts:

  1. Birth Chart: this chart doesn't change (think of it as a personality test for your soul)
  2. Annual Chart: includes the energy of your personal year and months (this changes every year on your birthday)

You can either book a single reading for your birth chart OR we can bundle them up!

Choose your path below.

*In order to book your Annual chart, you first need to book your Birth chart*

Intro Reading (Birth Chart) & 1:1 Breakthrough Session

$222 USD



Here's what you get:


⚡️A very comprehensive 10+ page custom made numerology report: this report includes 8 key numbers that will allow you to connect with your life path (life's purpose), your soul desires, careers that are in alignment with your purpose and your own innate gifts and challenges.


⚡️A 90-minute 1:1 virtual breakthrough session: you'll experience so much clarity, breakthroughs and will feel empowered and motivated to act on your vision! This is your roadmap for personal success.


*Payment plan available


Full Reading (Birth Chart) & 1:1 Breakthrough Session

$333 USD

One-time *Better Value*


Here's what you get:


⚡️A very comprehensive 25+ page custom made numerology report: this custom made report includes 21 key numbers that make up your "cosmic DNA", This is your full roadmap that unlocks your purpose, innate gifts, karmic lessons, dharmas and so much more! 

⚡️A 2.5-hour 1:1 virtual session: you'll experience so much clarity, breakthroughs and will feel empowered and motivated to act on your vision! This is your roadmap for personal success.

⚡️Plan to move forward, so you can reach your next level of success in alignment with your numbers.


*Payment plan available



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